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    I would like to eliminate the two photos that appear under my articles before you even laws (eg. it’s possible to do it?


    is the theme that foresees requires action on the code how can I do?


    Hello Associazione,
    Did you add the image on the content? Or added the featured image? In a single post, featured image will appear at the top and if you add other image on the content, other image will appear there. We think you added the image in the container so that such images are appear there. So, instead of inserting the image on the content, please add on the featured image.
    If you have any problem, never hesitate to ask.

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    #4582 go here and see under Written by Ennio Baccianella …. there are two photos Beppe Bertagnolli: il bambino innamorato della Grappa and Pancetta di Calabria I want erase


    Hello Associazione,
    They are called the Post Navigation and it helps to go to previous and next post. If you want to remove this, Please follow the documentation to hide this.

    Please select only Default to hide image from there.

    Hope this will help to solve it.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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