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    Javier Martinez

    i cant change the color scheme
    i want to have the same that supermag
    but the change dont execute, in the theme


    Hello Javier Martinez,
    Thank you so much for using our theme SuperMagPro.
    All the options for theme are available on Appearance > Customize > Layout/Design Options and you will find the Basic color options and Advanced Color Options.
    If you already tried this, and no any effect is happening, it may be conflicts with the plugin. Have you installed any plugin for color related options ? Please try once by uninstalling one by one plugin and try to find the plugin which is causing issues.

    Let us know, if you faced any problem.

    Acme Supports

    Javier Martinez

    i install in other server the theme from cero and work very well

    and un my server haver the follow plugins

    ccelerated Mobile Pages
    Desactivar | Editar
    Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress

    Versión 0.7.7 | Por Ahmed Kaludi, Mohammed Kaludi | Ver detalles
    Elige Acme Fix Images
    Acme Fix Images
    Desactivar | Editar
    Fix image sizes after you have changed image sizes from Media Settings.

    Versión 1.0.0 | Por Acme Themes | Ver detalles
    Elige Akismet
    Activar | Editar | Borrar
    Usado por millones de personas, Akismet es posiblemente la mejor forma de proteger tu blog del spam en comentarios y trackbacks . Manten tu sitio protegido contra spam incluso cuando duermes. Para comenzar: 1) Haz clic en el enlace “Activar” que está a la izquierda de esta descripción, 2) Regístrate para obtener una clave de API de Akismet, y 3) Ve a la página de configuración de Akismet, y pon allí tu clave de API.

    Versión 3.1.11 | Por Automattic | Ver detalles
    Elige AMP
    Desactivar | Editar
    Add AMP support to your WordPress site.

    Versión 0.3.3 | Por Automattic | Ver detalles
    Elige Apartment Management System
    Apartment Management System
    Activar | Editar | Borrar
    Apartment Management System for wordpress plugin is ideal way to manage complete housing society or neighbourhood maintenance tasks. It has different user roles like Admin, Resident members, Gatekeeper and Accountant Users.

    Versión 7.0 | Por Mojoomla | Visitar la web del plugin
    Elige Buddypress
    Desactivar | Editar | Configuración | Acerca de
    BuddyPress helps you build any type of community website using WordPress, with member profiles, activity streams, user groups, messaging, and more.

    Versión 2.6.2 | Por La Comunidad de BuddyPress | Ver detalles
    Elige Check and Enable GZIP compression
    Check and Enable GZIP compression
    Desactivar | Editar
    This handy tool checks if you have GZIP compression enabled, and makes it possible to turn on GZIP compression. Every time you run this check, your domain name will be sent to We won’t sent any other private information.

    Versión 1.1.2 | Por Richard’s Toolbox | Ver detalles
    Elige CM Ad Changer – Server Pro
    CM Ad Changer – Server Pro
    Activar | Editar | Borrar
    Ad Changer Pro Server. Manage, Track and Report Advertising Campaigns Across Sites

    Versión 1.8.2 | Por CreativeMindsSolutions | Visitar la web del plugin
    Elige Conduit Mobile Plugin
    Conduit Mobile Plugin
    Desactivar | Editar
    Conduit Mobile WordPress Plugin

    Versión 2.0 | Por Conduit Mobile | Visitar la web del plugin
    Elige Contact Widgets
    Contact Widgets
    Desactivar | Editar
    Beautifully display social media and contact information on your website with these simple widgets.

    Versión 1.3.2 | Por GoDaddy | Ver detalles
    Elige Coupon Creator
    Coupon Creator
    Activar | Editar | Borrar
    This plugin creates a custom post type for coupons with a shortcode to display it on website and a single view template for printing.

    Versión 2.3.1 | Por Brian Jessee | Ver detalles
    Elige Envato Market
    Envato Market
    Desactivar | Editar
    WordPress Theme & Plugin management for the Envato Market.

    Versión 1.0.0-RC2 | Por Derek Herman | Visitar la web del plugin
    Elige EWWW Image Optimizer
    EWWW Image Optimizer
    Ajustes | Desactivar | Editar
    Reducie el tamaño de los archivos de imágenes dentro de WordPress, incluidas las de NextGen Gallery y GRAND FlAGallery. Utiliza jpegtran, optiPNG/pngout y gifsicle.

    Versión 2.9.6 | Por Shane Bishop | Ver detalles
    Elige Facebook Login
    Facebook Login
    Desactivar | Editar
    Facebook Login. Simple adds a facebook login button into wp-login.php and let you use fb avatars, period.

    Versión 1.1.4 | Por Damian Logghe | Ver detalles
    Elige Google Analytics Dashboard para WP
    Google Analytics Dashboard para WP
    Ajustes | Desactivar | Editar
    Muestra informes de Google Analytics y estadísticas en tiempo real en tu Escritorio. Inserta automáticamente el código de seguimiento en cada página de su sitio web.

    Versión | Por Alin Marcu | Ver detalles
    Elige Google XML Sitemaps
    Google XML Sitemaps
    Desactivar | Editar
    This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and to better index your blog.

    Versión 4.0.8 | Por Arne Brachhold | Ver detalles | Configuraciones | FAQ | Soporte | Dona
    Elige Infolinks Official Plugin
    Infolinks Official Plugin
    Desactivar | Editar
    This plugin will automatically add your Infolinks script to your website pages.

    Versión 3.1.9 | Por Infolinks | Ver detalles
    Elige Javascript Html and Text Adder
    Javascript Html and Text Adder
    Desactivar | Editar
    A widget plugin for adding Javascripts, HTML, Shortcodes, advertisements and even simple texts in the sidebar with advanced targeting on posts and pages.

    Versión 1.0.1 | Por WPElite Technology | Visitar la web del plugin
    Elige Lazy Load
    Lazy Load
    Desactivar | Editar
    Lazy load images to improve page load times. Uses jQuery.sonar to only load an image when it’s visible in the viewport.

    Versión 0.6.1 | Ver detalles
    Elige Ninja Forms
    Ninja Forms
    Desactivar | Editar
    Ninja Forms is a webform builder with unparalleled ease of use and features.

    Versión | Por The WP Ninjas | Ver detalles
    Elige P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)
    P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)
    Scan Now | Desactivar | Editar
    See which plugins are slowing down your site. Create a profile of your WordPress site’s plugins’ performance by measuring their impact on your site’s load time.

    Versión | Por | Ver detalles
    Elige Page Builder por SiteOrigin
    Page Builder por SiteOrigin
    Desactivar | Foro de soporte | Boletín de noticias
    Un creador de páginas de diseño adaptable, con funciones de arrastrar y soltar, que simplifica la construcción de tu sitio web.

    Versión 2.4.13 | Por SiteOrigin | Ver detalles
    Elige Post Tiles
    Post Tiles
    Activar | Editar | Borrar
    This plugin displays recent posts as tiles. Posts can choose categories by id and numbeer of posts to display. Example shortcode: [post-tiles] or [post-tiles categories=’1,2,4,10′ posts=’8′ excerpt=’18’].

    Versión 1.4.6 | Por Ethan Hackett | Ver detalles
    Elige Related Posts for WordPress
    Related Posts for WordPress
    Upgrade to Premium | Settings | Desactivar | Editar
    Related Posts for WordPress, the best way to display related posts in WordPress.

    Versión 1.9.3 | Por Never5 | Ver detalles
    Elige Search Engine Visibility
    Search Engine Visibility
    Desactivar | Editar
    Make your site more visible to search engines

    Versión 0.5 | Por GoDaddy | Visitar la web del plugin
    Elige Seo Wizard
    Seo Wizard
    Desactivar | Editar
    SEO Wizard is an all-in-one seo solution. View post/page analysis, integrate social media, deep link juggernaut, auto linking, 404 monitor, redirect manager, robots.txt & htaccess editor & more!

    Added Modules:

    Versión 4.0.2 | Por theseowizards | Ver detalles
    Elige Shareaholic | botones para compartir, analytics, contenido relacionado
    Shareaholic | botones para compartir, analytics, contenido relacionado
    Desactivar | Editar | Configuraciones
    The world’s leading all-in-one Content Amplification Platform that helps grow your website traffic, engagement, conversions & monetization. See configuration panel for more settings.

    Versión | Por Shareaholic | Ver detalles
    Elige SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle
    SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle
    Desactivar | Manage Widgets | Support
    A collection of all widgets, neatly bundled into a single plugin. It’s also a framework to code your own widgets on top of.

    Versión 1.6.5 | Por SiteOrigin | Ver detalles
    Elige Speed Booster Pack
    Speed Booster Pack
    Settings | Desactivar | Editar
    Speed Booster Pack allows you to improve your page loading speed and get a higher score on the major speed testing services such as GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed or other speed testing tools.

    Versión 2.8 | Por Tiguan | Ver detalles
    Elige UserPro
    Desactivar | Editar
    The ultimate user profiles and community plugin for WordPress.

    Versión 3.6 | Por Deluxe Themes | Ver detalles
    There is a new version of UserPro available. View version 3.8 details or update now.

    Elige Walmart Affiliate Link Generator
    Walmart Affiliate Link Generator
    Desactivar | Editar

    Versión 1.0.5 | Ver detalles
    Elige WordPress HTTPS
    WordPress HTTPS
    Desactivar | Editar
    WordPress HTTPS is intended to be an all-in-one solution to using SSL on WordPress sites.

    Versión 3.3.6 | Por Mike Ems | Ver detalles | Settings | FAQ | Support | Donate
    Elige WP Pro Visual Banner Creator
    WP Pro Visual Banner Creator
    Activar | Editar | Borrar
    Plugin to create banners on your website.

    Versión 2.1.0 | Por Tunafish | Visitar la web del plugin
    Elige WP Smush
    WP Smush
    Settings | Desactivar | Editar
    Reduce image file sizes, improve performance and boost your SEO using the free WPMU DEV WordPress Smush API.

    Versión 2.4.5 | Por WPMU DEV | Ver detalles

    do you have some idea that who is the problem?


    Hello Javier Martinez,
    In the other server where theme is working well have all the plugin listed above are installed ? And are you using the same theme on more than a site? You have Developer plan? Please deactivate plugin one by one and check the issues. By viewing the name of plugin, we can’t figure our what is the issues is. There is no any options beside the deactivating plugin one by one. And please try theme on other new server and check without adding any plugin.

    Acme Supports

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