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    Joe Bryant

    I have chosen one page to display in Feature Slider Selection under the Select Parent Page for Feature Slider. I do not want any animation, just display that one page. After that, I change the number in the Number of Words In Contents box to display the appropriate text.

    All that worked just fine when I originally set these options. However, I’ve changed the text at the beginning of the page but when I go back to Customize, the text is still there!

    If I copy the page (with the changes that I made) and create a brand new page and reference it in the Select Parent Page for Feature Slider, it works just fine. I shouldn’t have to do that though. I should be able to change the text on the original page and see the new text in Customize.

    I need help right away!


    Hello Joe Bryant,
    Thank you so much for using our theme corporate plus pro. As per your question, we checked here and try to find the issues but couldn’t figure out the problem.
    Joe, we will check it again in details and inform you if there is anything missing or not.
    Thanks for your patience.

    Acme Supports

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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