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    Good day,

    I just upgraded to the SuperMagPro and am wondering two things about the header section.

    For the social icons, can they be changed back to white? I tried changing them in the style.css file, but it had no affect.

    Also, for some reason, when I add my logo and a correctly sized banner ad, the ad sits in the upper right-hand corner and our logo is on the lower left. I tried resizing our logo, but the positioning remained the same.

    Thank you very much!


    Hello ChicagoMusicGuide,
    Thank you so much for using our theme SuperMagPro. If you want to customize parent theme, you have to do it on child theme. Please do all the changes on child theme. But if you only want to add the CSS, you can add the css from customizer. From Customize, go to Layout/Design Option then Custom CSS.
    Add the custom css here. Please try once and if not worked, let us know.

    Best Regards,
    Acme Supports


    Thanks! The custom CSS area worked great for the social icons, much appreciated!

    I still have to figure out about the layout for the logo and header advertisement, but that is minor.

    Have another query what did you use for the page formatting of each of the main pages like here: http://www.acmethemes.com/demo/?theme=supermagpro under SPORTS, FASHION, ENTERTAINMENT, LIFESTYLE and FEATURES. I am having trouble creating an esthetically pleasing layout for the body of many of my pages.

    Thanks again!


    Hello ChicagoMusicGuide,

    Here are list of Widgets We used to create demo:

    • AT Posts Column
    • AT Posts Column
    • AT Categories Column
    • AT Gallery Slider
    • AT News Ticker
    • AT Popular Posts Column
    • AT Slider
    • AT Tabbed
    • AT Video Gallery



    Thank you very much, but how do create page like this?




    That is actually Category archive page, please select Alternative Image in Blog/Archive Image Layout. And view the category archive page.



    Do I have to do any customization for making site like your demo? Its beautiful.



    We have demo here https://demo.acmethemes.com/supermagpro/ and another demo https://demo.acmethemes.com/supermagpro/home-1/, These demos can be obtained by pro theme without any Customization. And here is documentation https://doc.acmethemes.com/supermagpro/ .

    If you again have, please feel free to ask.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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