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    How do you guys size the featured images so well in the acmephoto demo?
    Is there a setting for featured image sizes in a post?

    I am still trying to figure this theme out, to see if it meets my needs, to find out if I need to get another theme if this doesn’t work.

    I am using the acmephoto pro. Building a photograph website.

    I have figured out how to get all my latest post on one page. I have a plugin for downloading the photographs.

    My issue is that my homepage shows all of the posts and featured image, but I want the height to be the same on all of the images. That is not the case.

    Thanks for your help


    I figured this out. The size of the image in the gallery depends on its size. (The resolution). My solution, uploading images that are close in sizes. You can disregard this post. Thanks.


    Dear Budman9,
    Great. You are Welcome 🙂

    Best Regards!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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