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    Stuart Carmichael

    Hi there,

    Comparing the demo vs the pro version there are two issues I can see.

    The pro version has different navigation code? If you can compare the dropdown nav for (pro) vs (free) then the text overlaps in the pro version and doesn’t sit right. Our titles are too long but it works better in free.

    Also, the colour of links in the pro doesn’t work compared to the link colour in free. I’m changing the colour at basic colours > link colour and it’s not changing.

    Many thanks

    Acme Themes

    Hello Stuart Carmichael,

    Since issue has been solved in the live chat , I am closing this thread.

    Here are solutions :
    Go to Appearance => Customize => Additional CSS

    For Menu :

    .header-wrapper ul.sub-menu li a {
     line-height: 20px;
     padding-bottom: 10px;
     padding-top: 10px; 
    .header-wrapper .main-navigation ul ul.sub-menu li {
     max-height: 100%;

    For Link:

    a, .posted-on a, .comments-link a, .edit-link a, .tags-links a, .byline a, .nav-links a, #supermag-breadcrumbs a, .bn-content a, .slider-section .slide-title, .feature-side-slider .post-title a, .slider-feature-wrap a, .feature-side-slider .beside-post .beside-caption a, .featured-desc a h4, .featured-desc .above-entry-meta span {
     color: #ce4444 ;

    Best Regards!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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