9 Compelling Reasons to Start a Blog

Blogging is the new norm in today’s century. The time to start blogging is now whether for fun or business. The benefits of blogging are many from documenting your random thoughts to helping others. Blogging is the best way to
promote your business or service and an ideal way to generate passive income.

Let us now delve into the reasons for starting a blog.

1. Showcase your creativity

Do not sit on your creative talent. Blogging gives you the freedom to be as creative as you want. You get to experiment with different niches, tone and voice of writing, and writing styles. You have the freedom to let loose your creative juices since everything starts and stops with you.

There is no fear of intimidation or humiliation when blogging as long as you stick to authenticity. You can creatively combine writing with photography, graphic and web designing, and business to make blogging a fun activity. If your day job drains you, let blogging be your creative outlet.

2. Diversify your skills


Once you start blogging and stay committed to it, you stand to learn a lot along the way. You will pick as many skills as you can master. It does not matter that you do not even know how to express yourself when you initially start blogging.

The more you write, the more polished you will become. You also learn more skills than you could ever dream of such as

• Proper editing of your writing
• Formatting your photos
• Using templates
• Experimenting with the free WordPress blog themes
• Digital marketing including social media marketing
• SEO writing
Along with diversifying your skills, you will become adept with online workings and writing in general. You will have handled everything as a one-man team from writing and editing to marketing and finance. All this will make you a fulfilled and all-rounded person.

3. Gain an Online Presence

The more you continue blogging the better and more confident you become. Within no time, with consistency, you will have an audience looking up to you. If you write quality content that satisfies your readers, you will be considered an expert and therefore an authority in that subject. This will establish your online presence and boost your professional image. Blogs verify your work and help you build a reliable portfolio.

4. Mint Money


Well, not exactly minting but intentional blogging has the potential of earning you cash as time goes by. It is dependent on the quality of your content, consistency in writing and posting new blog content, and commitment. Some of the ways you can monetize your blog include:
• allowing advertisements
• sponsored posts
• affiliate marketing
• selling products or services

To earn from your blog, you need to put in a lot of hard work initially. If you set everything up well, you can earn good money from it for your entire lifetime. The best thing is that this later becomes a passive source of income giving you the freedom to establish another income stream or enjoy your freedom.

5. Attract Potential Employers

If your writing consists of high-authority content that appropriately uses WordPress SEO, optimized images, grammar, and proofreading tools, you stand to be noticed. You can attract potential employers who get impressed by your work. Apart from landing freelancing gigs and remote work, you can connect with
direct clients who pay the top dollar.

6. Live Your Life Now and Inspire Others

Blogging the right way guarantees you the freedom to live your life now. You can blog from anywhere. By blogging, your perspective of life widens. You learn a lot more about emerging trends, people’s cultures, and new technologies.
Having a wide audience attracts potential sponsors for your trips in exchange for blogging about travel for them. Such sponsors may also want to advertise on your site to take advantage of your audience. This will turn your dreams into reality granting you a life you only dreamt of.

Your blogs will be an inspiration to many others who will learn a thing or two from them. You will know you are positively affecting people from the feedback and comments you receive from them. The inspiration you give to people can change heir lives, make them productive, drop bad habits, or help others.

7. Opens You up to More Opportunities

Your blogging work can also open up opportunities that only existed in your imagination. You can catch the eye of broadcasting houses or institutions who will assign you speaking engagements. This can be for press, conferences,
seminars, or workshops.

Publishing companies may negotiate book deals with you. You may venture out into different things by repurposing your blogs in many different ways. You can use your blog content to create videos and post them on YouTube.
Make e-books from your blog content and sell. Once you have mastered the art of blogging, you can create more revenue streams like offering online training on blogging. The convenient thing is that you will already have built an audience; all you will need to do is market the course to them.

8. Interact with People Globally

Blogging opens the whole world to you. You will meet a vibrant community of helpful bloggers like you. Along the way, some will even become friends.

Through this community, you will learn the ups, downs, pros, and cons of blogging.

Sharing your blogging journeys will reinforce your resolve, hone your skills, and make you a better blogger. You can get such blogging communities on Facebook groups.

9. Provide Employment

Once you have an online presence and moneymaking opportunities beckon at you, it will be time for you to delegate duties. This will turn you into an employer, as you will have more work on your hands than you can handle alone. It will be easier for you to manage your team of employees because you will have, over time, done the entire tasks single-handedly.

Some Easy Ways to Make Money from the Blog


Most of the bloggers out there make a mistake by taking blogging only as a hobby. Blogging, in fact, can be a great source of income. Yes, you can earn thousands of dollars blogging. Here are a few ways you can make money from
your blog.

Do affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways you can make money online. Sign up with the affiliate providers and promote their product on your blog. Every time a visitor clicks on your link and purchase the product, you earn a certain commission

Do Banner Adverts:

You can allocate a space in your blog for the banner advertisement. You can place the banner on different sections like header, footer, sidebar, or in the content area.

Write Product Reviews and Sponsored Content:

You can make good money by doing a sponsored product review and accepting sponsored blog posts on your website.

Sell Digital Products:

You can create and sell your own digital products from your blog. Different kinds of ebooks, tutorials, online courses, and design templates can be sold from the blog.

The above reasons are enough to compel you to start a blog immediately. With proper planning, research, focus, and commitment, the outcome will be positive.

Patience is necessary, as this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Starting a fully functional blog with WordPress takes a couple of hours and with thousands of free WordPress blog themes available, you can always create a compelling blog without breaking the bank.