How to Use WordPress Block Patterns?(Beginners Guide)

How to Use WordPress Block Patterns? (Beginners Guide)

Mostly, WordPress users know have heard about Gutenberg and the concept of Gutenberg blocks. Gutenberg editors have been blooming for some years now and are one of the most popular ways to build a WordPress website.

Some old developers that have used WordPress for a long time don’t know this part of Gutenberg or ignore the block patterns. This is not a good practice as it has lots of benefits and is very useful, especially for smaller websites.

So we’ve created this article to help users take advantage of the WordPress block patterns.

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What are WordPress block Patterns?


WordPress comes with a block editor. It is exceptionally easy to use and acknowledge. It enables you to use blocks for common content elements to make amazing layouts for blogs and pages.

WordPress Block patterns are already-made formats/layouts that users can use in the WordPress block editor.  They make it very easier to put together such a complicated layout of blocks in some time and save it as a template. This is a perfect solution for everyone who uses WordPress or is s designer or wants to spend time making formats from scratch every time they make a page or post.

Most of the popular WordPress have their own designs and patterns that you can use when writing content. The designs consist of text patterns, headers, call-to-action, buttons, pre-built multi-column layouts, and more. WordPress patterns can be accessed where you can find new patterns or create your own.

How to Use WordPress Block Patterns?

You’ll get lots of convenient block patterns that you can use on the WordPress website. Some WordPress Themes and Plugins come with their own block patterns.

To use WordPress block patterns, you’ll have to edit the page or post where you want to use it.  Users can view block patterns in different types of categories. For example headers, buttons, features, columns, features, and more.  You can also click on Explore Button to see block patterns.

After you find the pattern you wish to try, you have to click on it to add it to your page or post.

How to develop and share your own block pattern?

WordPress enables you to develop and allocate your own WordPress patterns easily. It makes it super easy to create block patterns and use them on your website or share them with all the WordPress users around the World.

Firstly, you’ll need to create a new account or sign in to save your own patterns.

Then, you’ll have to visit the WordPress Pattern Directory website and then go to the “Create New Pattern” link.

After you sign in, you’ll come across the block pattern editor page. This page is similar to the default WordPress block editor that enables you to create your own pattern. You can add blocks to create your pattern layout.

One can use layout blocks like cover, gallery, group, and more to organize their layout.

Make sure to read block pattern directory guidelines before you submit your block pattern for the pattern directory.

By clicking on the My Pattern link user can manage all their block patterns. This link will show all the block patterns that are draft patterns, shared, and patterns that you have favorited.

If you want to create a block pattern for yourself or for your own use, you can save those as drafts. And then, you can copy-paste them from the My Patterns page to your WordPress website.

How to Remove a Block Pattern in WordPress?

Users can conveniently unregister or remove any types of block patterns in WordPress.

Here is an example where ‘L-plugin/L-beautiful-pattern’ is the name of the pattern we used when registering it.

This is the code given below that you can copy-paste to your theme’s site-specific plugin or function’s.php file.





function wpb_unregister_L_patterns() {

unregister_block_pattern( ‘L-plugin/L-beautiful-pattern’ );


add_action( ‘init’, ‘wpb_unregister_L_patterns’ )

This code can be used to unregister any block pattern created by your plugin or theme. You must know the name used to register the pattern.

To Remove Core WordPress Patterns

The core WordPress patterns are accessible to all WordPress users which means they might be overused or might not match the rest of your WordPress theme.

You can simply avoid adding patterns if you don’t want to use them. Even so, if you have a multi-author WordPress site, then you want to put a stop to all users from using these core patterns.

You must add all these codes to your theme’s function file or a site-specific plugin to remove all the core WordPress patterns.

1remove_theme_support( ‘core-block-patterns’ );


Block patterns can be registered by using the WordPress plugins or themes such as block plugins.

I hope this article helped you to learn to use block patterns on your WordPress website.