The Pros and Cons of Enabling Comments on Your WordPress Website

The Pros and Cons of Enabling Comments on Your WordPress Website

There are certain things a blog owner needs to take care of when a blogger is concerned about the success of his blogging site. Comments are one of the most compelling parts of the success of a blog. It is also said that it’s comments in the WordPress article/blog that makes one blog a blog. Therefore, it’s great to know the importance of comments for a blog. If you have a multilingual or monolingual WordPress website, you’ll have to make this decision once. Therefore, there’s no reason to elongate making up your mind.

What is a Comment?

Comments are the only means that connect the writer’s/ blog owners to their respective readers/ visitors. Besides comments are the source that enables writer’s/blog owners to know how their work has helped respective people. Most bloggers are on the borderline of making decisions on whether to enable or disable WordPress comments. This article aims to help bloggers take the right decision.

It is important to have a good commenting system for a website’s blog. A good system of commenting captivates readers/visitors to comment on the blogs that improve the user’s interaction. This will also generate discussions and carry the discussion. This interaction will also help your blog interesting for new users.

Bloggers should always reply politely whether the comments are negative or positive.

Here we’ve mentioned The Pros and Cons of Enabling Comments on Your WordPress Website.

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Why are comments important?


Cons of enabling a comment section on  Your WordPress Website:

Helps to build connections between readers and visitors

Comments help to build a connection among the readers and visitors. For example, if a visitor/reader wants to discuss some things with other visitors/readers or give their opinion to the writer. During this time, they search for comment boxes on the blog. And they give up when no comment section is found.  In this scenario, one can acknowledge how comments are important to be in touch with visitors/readers with respective owners/ blog writers.

Besides in almost all the articles on the blogs, writers ask readers for their opinion in the comment sections below. So, the visitors/readers can comment honestly on the article expressing ideas. Through comments, visitors/ readers can talk with the blog owners/authors.  This one step will play a huge role in improving the blog’s success.

It is not a good decision to disable comments on the blog posts.

Builds the connection among other visitors/readers

Users discuss the blog content with other users too. The discussion will be done in the comment section. This will help to create good user interaction and writers can also take part in it. Writers/ bloggers will also be able to learn many things from visitors/readers.

Medium for enhancing User Interaction

When there is comment section visitors can express their ideas, and let readers know their opinion through their comments with other visitors and writers. This will go on for quite some time and plays a huge role in the interaction of a blog.

Why should Comments be Disabled?


Even though comments play a vital role in your website, there are also some disadvantages of enabling comments on a WordPress website. They’re listed below:

Some of the comments are spam

Low-quality or spam comments are found on some of the WordPress website’s blogs as if this online field has become a lawless platform. These spams are not good for the sake of your website.  Even though you try your best to protect your website, these attackers still find their way.

Spam Comments ruin the user experience and impact SEO

Even though comments play a vital role in your website, there are also some disadvantages of enabling comments on a WordPress website. They’re listed below:

There will be visitors/readers looking forward to being a part of the comments. These people will be highly disturbed and will be put off by bots.  If your comment section will be covered by the spam comments, you’ll miss out on valuable potential connections with your visitors.

If you fail to delete your low-quality comments, this will end up harming your search engine’s ranking.

High Time Consumption

Keeping Comment sections on track is time-consuming and takes up a lot of your time. With everything you have to take care of including maintaining a WordPress website, keeping everything under control, and backing up data you might not have lots of time.


It is your decision if you wish to enable or disable the WordPress theme, we hope the article gave you an overview. Keep in mind that harmful comments can be prevented. In this way, you can keep an engagement with your visitors. If you find harmful comments, you’ll always have an option to disable them in the future.

We hope this article helped you!

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