Create Our Services section on Mercantile/Corporate Plus Themes

Do you want to know how to create our service section on Mercantile/Corporate Plus Themes?

Here, we are going to show how to create Our services section on mercantile. corporate plus theme. You can follow the same procedure on Corporate Plus Pro as well. Follow every step mentioned below to make that section.

  1. Create a page. (Example Our Services)


2. Create Child Pages, you can create as much as child page you need. While creating a new child page, select the parent page above created. (Our Services)


3. Create another page child as well. Same as above step 2.


4. Go to Appearance > Customize > Widget > Home Main Content Area

5. Add AT Service Widget.

6. Select the parent page there. Parent Page will be a selector and child pages content will appear on the front end.




Hope, this article will help to make the Service Section easily on mercantile and Corporate Plus Theme. Please share your thoughts below in the comment section: