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    So confused as to why you cannot seem to keep the consistent header on the assigned static front page.
    The header image vanishes and is taken out by the “hook” no matter what page you assign.
    You have the ability to add a widget but not one for the header image for some reason. ?!?!?!??!

    Also no options in customize. Does this functionality exist in the pro version?



    Here is the site.

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    Hello jfculhane,
    Thank you so much for using our theme Education Base.
    Same header image will appeared on every pages. You can’t add the individual image on individual pages even in the premium version. If you need individual header image on individual page, you need to customize the theme.
    We recommend you to check all the theme features once from Appearance > Customize. Please have a look on the Documentation for more info.

    Warm Regards
    Acme Supports


    Your suggestion does NOT WORK WHATSOEVER. The image below the logo is lost on whatever front page you set the site to.
    In the free version nothing works in customizing the theme. I cannot add enhanced pages and the tabs make no sense as far as adding columns and featured content.
    I am looking for another theme to buy. I would never spend money on this.
    It’s very badly designed and the documentation is for the pro version apparently. Absolutely confusing. If you are trying to create a theme for the educational market please at least try to make the ux and the docs clear. I’ve wasted a day on this.

    Acme Themes

    Hello jfculhane,

    From our understanding the main problem of your is that when you select front page, the Header section didn’t display, we have fixed that issue for you. Now when you assigned the front page via Settings -> Reading Settings, the header image won’t disappear. Please update your Education Base theme to latest version and let us know if this fixed your problem.

    Also you can change the height of the Header Section, Go to Appearance => Customize => Header Options => Header Image , there is option to increase/decrease height of Header section.

    , if you have further any problem or query let us know also we kindly hope you will upgrade your rating and review here 🙂

    Best Regards
    Acme Themes

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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