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    Hi folks, I bought the acme corporate plus pro theme and if I use the AT Service Section widget, I can add an icon and a headline for parts of the service. However if I move my mouse cursor to the icon, it will switch the color from orange to black. But if I click the Icon, nothing happens. I will have to click the headline to navigate to the subpage. Is there any possibility that I could navigate to the subpage by clicking on the featured icon?

    Can you edit code of theme?
    It needed the customization of the theme.
    I recommend to activate the child theme and you can edit the code of child, so that in next updates you don’t lost your custom code

    Uhhhh I am not familiar with PHP … don’t want to do coding
    oha … will you bring an update?

    I am thinking that if we can add another option in widgets to add link in icon too, is it ok?
    Year that would be great 🙂

    very similar to the portfolio widget
    We will update in next version 🙂


    Hello Andreas
    Thanks for using our theme. We will soon add this functionality on theme. Besides this, we are studying about added some more features on themes too. Please keep patience we will soon come with that features.

    Acme Supports


    I have some troubles with the links in the featured icons.
    In the first icon, when mouse over it changes color to black but there is no link
    In the second one, when mouse over, it changes color to black and the arrow changes to a hand, but it links to the page of the first child. The same happens to the third and the fourth.
    The link to the last child of the section is in the title of the following widget.

    Links are out f place.


    Hello Narciso,
    Thanks for your question regarding theme Corporate Plus Pro. Did you edit the theme code? If you did so, it may cause due to that problem. Currently you are using version 1.2.0 but we have the updated version 1.2.1 on our site. Download the theme from your account http://www.acmethemes.com/my-account/ and update the theme. But, only update the parent theme, not the child theme. And always use the child theme while customizing the theme.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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