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    Cydney Helms

    Good day

    I have been working over the last few days to get everything setup and placed and I not have that done so I plan on getting my real content up soon.
    I really like the theme and after wrapping my head around it I like the ease of adding content and later adding more.

    Now down to the question I have. I didn’t really notice till now but when I use the one page setup and the menu is using the anchors to scroll to the section on the page it goes to far the first time any of the menu items are clicked.

    Lets say I click the TEAM button it would scroll to the TEAM SECTION, but it would scroll past the header for TEAM. I thought at first this might have been due to using a 3rd party slider at the top of the page but even after testing the default and turning it off all together I still see the same result.

    I have like wise tried disabling plugins other then PageBuilder as that populates the content, but the issue persists.

    I thought this might be setup with anchors but after looking through the css file I could not find anything so I’m a little out of my element. Please let me know if I can help.


    Hello Cydney Helms,
    Thank you so much for using our theme MercantilePro.
    Have you checked our demo? Is our demo appeared what you said above? Please check our theme demo and try to find the similar issues.
    We think, you missed something while creating the one page site. Please look on the blog post and try again.
    Let us know, if the problem is not solved. Provide your site URL, so that we can look on the real issues.
    Warm Regards
    Acme Supports

    Cydney Helms

    After looking everywhere and even doing a fresh install I took a look at you r demo page and it seems to do the same thing.

    When you first load the site and click on one of the links to scroll down the page to say ‘Services’ it will scroll down the one page just past the title of the section. (See image)

    First Time Clicked

    If you click the ‘Services’ button again then it will correct its self and scroll up just slightly where you can then see the title of the section. (See image)

    Second Time Clicked

    This was capped from the demo you have and it seems that it happens on my current install as well as the other fresh installs I did. I have tried to find what might cause i but I am at a loss.

    Please let me know if there is anything that might help you discover this.

    Also I tried posting earlier and I don’t know if it really posted, my connection failed out. Sorry if this is a double post.


    Hello Cydney Helms,
    We are sorry for the late reply. Kindly check the demo of the theme. We corrected the issues and provide you the updates as well. Please update your theme.
    Don’t forget to register your theme to receive automatic updates.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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