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    Javier Callejo

    Hi,I need to display in all the pages and categories on my shop the normal price and price crossed out. how can I do it?


    Hello Javier,

    If you add normal price and discounted price both price will appear and if you add normal price only the normal price ( only ) appear.
    The theme use default WooCommerce template. If you want to customize WooCommerce template, you can do it by overriding WooCommerce template. Please use child theme for customization.

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    Acme Supports

    george c

    Products> choose a product you have by puttin a check in the square box then at the top of the page choose (bulk action, in the drop down menu choose edit> then click Apply> Under Product data> Price and sale choose> change to: a drop down menu will appear input the price and then input the sale price> click update
    you can do this for each product best time to do it is when you setup a new product..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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