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    Marco Benini

    I uploaded from the free version to Pro Version but I still have two problems (website:
    1) the header image, that displays correctly on the home page, becomes square and big on android mobiles. And becomes totally blurred (like over-zoomed) on iPhone mobiles, definitely messed. Image is sized as suggested, 1920×620.
    2) what is the correct CSS code to not display categories of the post at the end of the post?
    3) Despite the fact I unchecked “enable previous-next pop up” I still see the two feature images of previous/next post at the end of the post. How can I delete this option, so that I don’t see any more “previous/next” image?
    Thank you


    Dear Marco,
    Here are the answers to your queries:
    1. Such issues are common for the iOS devices as Safari browser still does not support background-attachment: fixed; property. But it should not appear on the Android devices.
    But you can add the following code in Additional CSS for removing the blurry image from all mobile devices.
    Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS

           background-attachment: scroll !important;
    .slider-feature-wrap .at-front li{
    height:80vh !important;

    (Note: it will fix header image issue in all mobile devices, For height issue please change the height value to adjust as per your requirement.)

    2. For removing categories please use the following CSS
    Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS

    display:none !important;

    3. The option works fine. We suggest you uninstall the unnecessary plugins from your admin panel and check again.

    Best Regards!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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