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    Doug Smith

    apologies if duplicated
    I came back to see if a reply had been made from a previous post and couldn’t find it

    Please see lasercutplansforsale.com

    The special menu on internal pages only shows when clicked on
    In my previous message (not showing now) it was doing that on front page also
    I somehow got it to stay static on front page now – I have no idea how I did that – but the internal pages it still does not.

    Also now…there is an annoying box under special menu on front page

    Thanks for your help

    Acme Themes

    Hello Doug,

    Special Menu is designed full on Home Page only when there is Feature Section Enable like the demo .
    Please follow the documentation,
    1. Select Home page and Post page ( https://doc.acmethemes.com/online-shop-pro/#StaticFrontPage(HomepageSetting) )
    2. From Appearance => Customize, add Feature Section and Setting

    If you want to enable Special Menu on Inner pages like you want it needs customization of the theme.

    Best Regards!

    george c

    you would do better to get the demo turned on http://splurgemall.com check out the difference the site is 100 times better and more professional..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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