How to create Child Pages / Sub Pages

Do you want to know about creating a child page/subpage?

WordPress supports Parent pages and its child pages too. Please follow the below instruction with a screenshot to create Child/SubPages.

  • Go to Admin Menu > Pages > Add New
  • Give the title of the page(Example: Parent)
  • Write the content of the page
  • Set the featured image from the right low corner
  • Click on Publish to save the page.


  • Go to Admin Menu > Pages > Add New
  • Give the title of another page(Example: Child Page)
  • Write the content of the page
  • Set the featured image from the right low corner
  • And Select the parent page from the page attributes.
  • Click on Publish button to save the changes.

Have a look on the below screenshot.


This Video Helps to Setup Slider on Education Base Free WordPress Theme using the Parent-Child page Concept.

This Video Helps to Setup different section on Education Base WordPress Theme. Not only Education WordPress Theme but for our other themes like Prolific, Mercantile and Corporate Plus.
How to create About Us, Services, Departments, Courses, Testimonials, Team, Gallery & Other Section?

Still confusion? or have some query. Please contact us on our official support forum.

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17 thoughts on “How to create Child Pages / Sub Pages

  1. DevelopeDeckunil

    If we create child page then it shows as drop down menu . how to remove this drop down child page menu.

  2. Acme Themes

    Hello @DevelopeDeckunil,
    You can easily make the menu from Appearance > Customize > Menus and remove the dropdown menu.


  3. If followed the instructions but now the page title shows again at some pages. At the homepage f.i. it says “Child Page”. checked the Hide Title box on every page.
    How can I renmove these titles?

    1. Acme Themes

      Please find the answers on the support forum or as your questions there.

  4. Ashya Suhaina

    Only child page featured image is shown on home page.Other images are not shown in the slider. No animation.

    1. Acme Themes

      Hello @Ashya Suhaina,
      Only child page featured image will appear on the slider. Parent page are only used of the selector. Visit support forum for such related questions.

  5. Dayo

    Hello, please which contact form plugin work with the theme, i am using ‘contact form 7’ but it seems not to work i get error message when someone try to send message.
    Please help.


    1. Acme Themes

      Hello Dayo,
      Yes all our themes are compatible with Contact Form 7. Please check the contact form setting once. If you are working on local host, it may not work and it may cause problem if you are using domain email like info[2]

      Thank you

  6. Dominik

    Hi. And what about Contact section? I’d like to display it more like in your preview: I mean this section on the right side. When I attatch one page with similar html code that is on your preview there, I see only text, like all HTML has just begone.

    Best regards.

    1. Acme Themes

      Hello @Dominik,
      You can add the HTML content on the Excerpt filed of that page. Add the content on the excerpt section so that the content will appear like as demo easily.
      Hope this will help you.
      Thank you

      1. Dominik

        Well, to be honest, I’ve figured that but I just cannot turn the excerpt section for my pages on. Tried lots of ways – still not visible. How can I achieve that or is it possible to show full page content (not the excerpts) on my homepage?

        Thank a lot for your support! 🙂

  7. Acme Themes

    Hello @Dominik,
    You can enable the Excerpt section from,
    – Edit the page
    – See Screen Options on the Top of the page
    – Checked on Excerpt check box
    – Scroll to down, you will see the options for the excerpt.

    Thank you

    1. Dominik

      Oh Gosh. Using Chrome I have this box empty (it becomes visible, but still empty after clicking). I did almost EVERYTHING to get this done. And you know what? It appears perfectly on Internet Explorer 7. I have never thought I’ll use this browser with such a pleasure. 😀

  8. julia

    Hi , in the footer section, how to take Education base by ACME THEMES.out? Thanks!

    1. Acme Themes

      Hello julia,
      Please view this blog , you can remove the site info not only for Education base theme but for almost all themes.


  9. Is it possible just 3 photos on the slider of homepage? I tried to insert more photos and it appears just the 3 last photos.

    1. Acme Themes

      Yes, only latest three appear on the slider. If you need more slide, you need to purchase the premium products.
      Thank you

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