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Activate theme license to receive automatic updates

Let`s learn about license activation. If you are our old users and if you are currently using our premium products, you have to update the theme manually(as the previous method), and after the update, you have to follow the below steps to activate the theme license for automatic updates. 1. Go to your My Account Page www.acmethemes.com/my-account (Make sure, you are logged in) 2. Go to View License > Manage Sites 3. Add the URL of your site 4. Click on Add Site to add the license. Now, add the theme license to your theme installation. 1. Again go to My Account Page 2. Click on View Details and Downloads 3. You will get the license key there. (As shown […]

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Site may down for maintenance

Important Notice! www.acmethemes.com may be down for some maintenance and upgrades from 1:15 AM of 2nd July 2016 to 5 AM of that day(EST), i.e. 11 AM to 3 PM on (GMT+5:45). If any of the services are unavailable this period, we will be so sorry about that. We are going to add some features and design of acmetheme.com. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Design Changed: Home Pages Inner Pages Shop, cart, checkout and my account pages Blog Page And slightly changes on the other pages too. Added Features: Automatic Updates Extended theme License for developers. If you got any problem at that time, we will be available on the email and we will respond quickly. So, please email […]

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Make Image Gallery on Page/Post

Do you want to make the gallery on Page/Post of your site? WordPress has it’s own gallery features, you can easily implement on your site page and post. Please follow the below steps to make the gallery. 1. Go to Page/Post 2. Add New Page/Post 3. Give the title of the Page/Post (Example: Gallery) 4. Insert the Media(Images) to the gallery. First Step: Second Step: Third Step: Fourth Step: If you still have the confusion, please post your query on the support forum. http://www.acmethemes.com/supports/ Please share your thoughts in the comment section below:

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Make Logo On Center

Do you want to make the logo in the center of the header on our theme? For that, you have to add just two line of CSS codes to your site. We have a Custom CSS field on the theme. You can simply copy and paste the below code there. It easily makes the logo/Site title and tagline in the center. But Please follow the basic things below for every theme.

  Hope you find this article helpful. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below:

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