Five Skills to Learn if You are Unemployed During COVID-19

Being unemployed can be a daunting prospect with the economic environment we are living in today. It can bring many feelings of despair and anxiety, especially if you have people that depend on you. But a good option to not enter depression is to keep yourself occupied with different activities. 

Besides applying for other jobs, learning a new skill is one of the activities that will keep you occupied and help you boost your resume. So, stop wallowing on your bad luck and start doing something to take advantage of this free time. These are the skills that you can learn if you find yourself unemployed during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Programming Language


The first skill you could learn is a programming language and this could help you improve your way of life by finding a new career path in the tech industry. Technology is part of our lives now and the need for tech professionals will only grow. If you learn a programming language, you will even be prepared for the time when robots replace a lot of the jobs humans do. 

There are many options and it depends on what you are interested in. For example, Java is a good option as a first language. It is used mostly for mobile development, being the official language for Android development. You can learn any coding language at your own pace or with a course, and the best Java courses are online for anyone to access at any time. 

JavaScript is another example of a programming language that is used mostly in web development. This language is mainly used to create animations and interactive features for websites, but it has other uses like to make blockchain applications. It will probably ensure you a job in the next few years, and you can learn it on your own. For example, a Kenzie Academy review revealed a free introductory course to JavaScript. 



WordPress allows people to manage websites and blogs without having any programming or coding knowledge. You could learn WordPress basics, which includes how to use the software. WordPress offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easier for the user to create a website.

It has the option of using pre-established templates so people can just put in their content and have a website in seconds. But it has tons of plugins that enable other functionalities. The other option is to go deeper and become a WordPress developer. In this case, you will be the one creating plugins and templates for other WordPress clients to use.  

Skillcrush has a very comprehensive WordPress development course that can be taken part-time and online. These developers have one of the most complete sets of skills in the tech industry. And the course teaches everything you need to know to create unique websites and start your path as a WordPress developer. 

Digital Marketing

Digital is the new way of marketing and companies are implementing all kinds of digital techniques to reach their customers. TV and radio are in the past. The Internet changed the marketing industry entirely and the future is digital. Digital marketers are experts in creating campaigns that bring the best results. 

Digital marketing is one of the most desired skills in the world we live in today. The best part is that all companies, no matter the industry, need marketing. You will be widening your possible market, and you could work in the marketing industry directly or for other companies to help them build their online presence. 

Digital marketing can include many niches like SEO, email, social media, or even design and advertisements. The best way to learn is by enrolling in courses online that teach the basic skills that give you a professional certificate when completed. 

Personal Finance


Personal finance is something that many people never learn throughout their lives. Most careers don’t teach personal finance, and people have economic struggles throughout their lives. If you are unemployed and don’t have savings that you can fall back on, it is probably due to your lack of financing knowledge. 

There are some things that everyone should know, like how to do taxes, keep good credit scores, save money, calculate best loan options, or how to invest. The reality is that most professionals don’t understand these definitions and terms. So, by learning about personal finance and how to manage your money, you will probably be able to have a comfortable lifestyle. 

Something as simple as creating a monthly budget could help you to survive the next few months. Many universities offer free resources like guides and online courses for anyone to use. This is a must-have skill that if you don’t already have, then you should learn it. 

Second Language


A second language is a superb skill for anyone to learn at any age. You can start by researching which other languages, besides your mother tongue, is most spoken in your city or country. Knowing a second language will open many job opportunities, like teaching, translating, transcribing, or even any other job for a company that has international clients. 

English, after all, is the language with most native speakers in the world. The second and third being Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. And in the US, the second language most spoken by Americans is Spanish. So, it doesn’t matter which language you learn; you will have new opportunities. 

Keep in mind that if you are doing it to further your career, then learning a language that will put you closer to that goal will be better. For example, if you are a mechanical engineer that wants to work for BMW in Germany, it will be a better option to learn German than Spanish. 

In Summary

It is crucial to keep yourself motivated, especially in difficult times. By keeping occupied, you will maintain an active mindset and avoid depression. Learning a new skill is a great option to take advantage of your free time, plus you will be opening new doors for your professional life.